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Lalati is the epitome of relaxation mixed with a sense of adventure. It's where the genuine warmth and world-renowned friendliness of the Fijian people shines, where time is just a number on a clock, and where your day is yours to do as much, or as little, as you choose. Lalati Resort is your place in paradise... for lovers and loved ones, for adventurers and escapists, for seekers and explorers.

The secluded Lalati Resort is nestled along a cobalt bay, amidst palm trees and lush tropical flora. The serene and relaxing atmosphere of Lalati allows you to simply lose track of time. Wake up to the spectacular sunrise from your luxurious accommodation, soak up the warm climate on the private beach, experience diving in one of the best dive spots in the Pacific or explore the mystical rugged island interior.

The "caring for the customer" rating is an aggregate score for the five parameters we survey (welcome, the service, charm, cleanliness/maintenance and overall experience/value for money. There must be a minimum of 3 traveller ratings we can average before we display a rating for the property. We also age traveller ratings and discard any that are over twelve months old.