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Southern Cross Hotel Suva is within 5 minutes' walk of major banks, embassies. Well-located for business, 2 flexible conference

rooms, with wireless Internet, 24-hourBusiness Centre and a backdrop for events. Easily explored on foot. 5-minute walk to shop for Fijian Traditional handicrafts.Fascinating insight in the botanical Thurston Gardens where you'll find the Fiji Museum, the country's history

and historic Government buildings. Waterfalls, rainforest trails are 15 minutes' drive away to Colo-i-Suva.

Try working out in the Fitness Centre, opposite the hotel. Seoul's restaurant is a laid-back setting and enjoy an icy-cold beer and listen to music and enjoy Suva's sunsets from the Bar Cloud R


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The "caring for the customer" rating is an aggregate score for the five parameters we survey (welcome, the service, charm, cleanliness/maintenance and overall experience/value for money. There must be a minimum of 3 traveller ratings we can average before we display a rating for the property. We also age traveller ratings and discard any that are over twelve months old.