About Fiji Hotel Link

Fiji Hotel Link is operated by GlobalBedbank Limited and is part of the WHL.travel network. We bring you the best hotels in Fiji as well as hostels, bungalows and other accommodation. Trust us to offer you the best service and the most appropriate accommodation in Fiji. After all, not only are we based in Fiji, our office is located right at Nadi International Airport. Our professional team has over 30 years of collective travel industry experience in this beautiful country.

We know most accommodation providers personally - from small bungalows to resort hotels. Come and Experience Fiji with us!

We love Fiji and everything else about it, the people, the rich culture, the white sandy beaches, fun and lots of sun! We are local Fijians and are here to help you guide your way around Fiji. Our people have so much pride and passion in selling our destination. But, to experience the friendliest people on earth, come and visit us! This is no sales speech, believe me, it's the honest truth, our satisfaction is to make you happy.

Our country, Fiji, relies on tourism! It's created many jobs for our people not only in the coastal areas but out in the rural areas too! Villages have developed home stay, backpackers, village tours, camping and much more. We value every guest that visits our shores knowing that they have helped contribute to someone's wages and alternately providing food on the table.

By visiting nearly every spot on this lovely piece of our paradise we feel our destination offers a dazzling variety of attractions - from sandy beaches to arid bushveld, to diving the Great Astrolabe Reef, to spectacular mountain scenery. Whether you wish to laze in the sun, pamper yourself with a few Fijian massages, swim, or river raft in the remote highlands of Viti Levu (here lies one of the most unique river trips on earth) hike along the coast or in the mountains, see wild flowers in profusion, savor good food and wine or simply take in the history and culture of one of the South Pacific's most talked about islands. Fiji is the world in one country and has that special something to offer you!

We have experienced most of these activities, and yes, a massage after a long day of trekking is heaven sent. You can snooze right off and just ask for a late dinner.

We have also visited nearly all the resorts that we have on our site, from 5-star beachfront resorts to luxury cruising and in between self-catering, camping, tree houses, self-contained villas, guest houses, village home stays, backpackers and lot more. Being in the Tourism Industry has given us lots of experiences that we can share with you, our customer and give honest recommendations and what we think will suit your budget. Yes, that's right you have come to the right place!

Enthusiastic about the tourism industry in Fiji, Vika says ‘What I'm most passionate about in regards to Fiji is the beautiful smiling faces that greet you on the street, on the bus or anywhere in the country. I think that is what Fiji is best known for regardless of race, gender or colour, a smile from a "Fijian" will always make your day'.

Although, I just don't seem to have enough spare time I love the outdoors and go fishing on a weekend or trekking during a long weekend. Vika's a rugby fanatic and a die hard Fiji fan and wouldn't miss local rugby matches during weekends or watch International matches on television!