Fiji Destination Guide

Fiji is unique in a way that makes it one of the best Pacific destinations. It has scenic natural beauty, safety, accessibility, vibrant culture, and value for tourists, but has maintained its traditional rites and indigenous way of life. It offers unforgettable tropical holidays, gorgeous anniversaries, and fun-filled vacations, for the best rates and service available.

Lounge under a palm tree or go scuba diving amidst the picturesque marine wonders in crystal-clear waters, or snap up a volatile volcanic cone! One thing is for sure, you will never run out of things to do in Fiji.

Our Fiji destination guide and Fiji tour suggestions will tell you all you need to know about Fiji's best tourist attractions. Also, be sure to check out general travel information for your Fiji holiday, and the local highlights of its Pacific neighbours Vanuatu, Samoa, and Australia.

Things to See & Do in Fiji

Nadi Top

Nadi, located around 9 kilometres from Fiji’s international airport, is the doorway to Fiji. The tourist infrastructure here is well developed and there are a good number of hotels, souvenir shops, and Fijian handicraft outlets. It has a large presence of Hindus and Muslims and their mosques and temples are worthy of mention. One of Nadi’s important landmarks is the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, an ancient temple rich in beauty and lore.

The Mamanuca and the Yasawa group of islands are accessible from Nadi. These two lagoons, studded with small isles of great scenic beauty, offer a glimpse of authentic Fijian village life and culture.

Places to visit
• (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through Hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details)

Port Denarau
• is the major transit harbour for Fiji tourism. Launch transfers to many of the well known island resorts in the Mamanucas and the Yasawas operate from here. Port Denarau also caters for soft adventure cruises on traditional tall ships, accommodated cruises into the Mamanucas and the Yasawa Islands offering the ultimate in comfort and culture, island day trips, brigantines offering day and dinner cruises, and jet boats.

Nadi Temple Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami
• At the Southern end of Nadi Town sits the largest, most magnificent South Indian Hindu temple in Fiji. Shoes are not allowed in the Temple so they must be removed before entering. Photography is permitted outside the Temple.

Jet Fiji Ride • This is one of the most exciting boat rides in Fiji. Guaranteed to have your adrenaline running from start to finish. A great trip for couples and families looking for excitement on their holiday. Operates daily from Port Denarau. Check out the activities available in our tours section .

Nadi Market/Town
• A visit to the bustling Nadi market is also well worthwhile. Help yourself to all sorts of fresh produce and delicious tropical fruits in season. It's where bargaining is a way of life and lots of fun. Also a good meeting point to interact with the locals. Villagers come from the interior of Viti Levu and as far as the Yasawas Islands to sell their produce. A very interesting place to visit. Best days to visit (most produce) are Fridays and Saturdays.Opening hours: 8.00 am 5.00 pm, Monday Saturday. Located near the Local Bus station in Nadi Town.

Viseisei Village Tour • This is one of the most respected villages in Fiji. It is said that this is where the first Fijians landed. The current serving President of Fiji is from this historical Chiefly village. Regular tours to the village can be arranged from Tour Desks at the Hotels/Resorts. Modest dressing is necessary to visit this chiefly village. Viseisei village is 20 minutes by car from Nadi Airport.

Denarau Golf & Racquet Club • A great retreat for golfers, amateurs and professionals. Denarau Island boasts the region's ultimate sports complex, with a magnificent 18 hole championship golf course, offering the finest facilities in Fiji and the South Pacific Islands.

Sigatoka Top

The Coral Coast is located along the southern shoreline of Viti Levu with 80 kilometres of barrier reef beaches. It is easily accessed from Nadi and Suva by way of the scenic Queens Road. You will enjoy driving along the coastal areas with the beautiful scenery, secluded beaches, lush vegetation and traditional Fijian villages. You will also come across roadside markets where some locals prefer to sell their produce near their homes rather than going to the markets.

The fast developing Coral Coast is home to a number of resorts raging from budget to mid-range and up market hotels. The centre of the Coral Coast is considered to be the town of Sigatoka, located on the banks of Sigatoka river, Fiji's longest and is where locals and tourists blend to eat, shop and socialise.

Places to visit • (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through your hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details)

Kula Bird Park • Located opposite Outrigger on the Lagoon, the Park houses a interesting collection of native animals and Birds. This is Fiji's only native animals and birds zoo. A must see for visitors who are staying in any Coral Coast Hotels.

Natadola Beach • Located between Nadi & Sigatoka, this beach is regarded by many as one of the finest beaches in the Coral Coast. Also features a public beach which locals utilise during weekends and Public Holidays.

Kalevu Cultural Centre
• Located opposite Shangri La's Fijian Resort, the Centre gives an insight into the traditional Fijian housing, lifestyle and history. The Centre displays dance groups enacting the different cultures of the South Pacific Islands. A great place to visit and witness what they have to offer. Gecko's restaurant is also in the property for guests' enjoyment. Great food! Great Experience!

Coral Coast Railway • Located at the entrance leading to the Shangri-La's Fijian resort. They offer Day Tours to Natadola Beach, nearby Fijian Villages and shopping tours to Sigatoka Town!

Nakabuta Pottery village • This village is well known for its traditional pottery making which are made from carefully chosen clay. They are claimed to be Fiji's best potters where they demonstrate their traditional art and skill in pottery making. Traditional cooking utensils, kava bowls of many shapes and sizes can be made to your preference.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes • This large formation of wind blown dunes is along a wind swept beach near the mouth of Sigatoka river. The dunes are about five kilometres long, up to one kilometre wide and on an average of 20 metres high, rising to about 60 metres at the western end. The view is quite spectacular and is a great place for a walk. The dunes have been forming over thousands of years from the alluring sediment washed downriver and out to sea. Archaeological investigations have been carried out by the Fiji Museum, and human skeletal remains and pottery shards have been discovered, suggesting that there was a village near the eastern end of the dunes in pre-historic time. The Sand Dunes is located between Shangri La's Fijian Resort and Sigatoka Town.

Sigatoka Market • A must visit place is the Sigatoka market. Experience the buzz of the selling of local produce where locals mostly from the Sigatoka Valley and surrounding areas, display different types of fresh vegetables and other foods. Sigatoka Valley is considered 'The Salad bowl of Fiji'.

Tavuni Hill Fort
• This is one of the most historical sights in the area. The Fort was used as a defensive site by the Tongan Chief Maile Latemai during the mid to late 18th century, which was an era of political upheaval in Tonga and the chief left his country to avoid a family dispute. He and his entourage of servants sailed all the way in a great double hulled canoe that arrived in the Sigatoka area in 1788. They were originally set up in Korotogo but were kept on the move by constant tribal warfare. Eventually, the newcomers were accepted by the local tribes and the chief was given some land with a local wife. There are several other similar sites all over Fiji. This historical site has been restored which features an information centre and guides are provided for your tour.

Pacific Harbour Top

A two hour drive from Nadi brings you to Pacific Harbour, which lies 78 kilometres to the East of Sigatoka and 49 kilometres to the west of Suva. It is home to the safest and best beaches. From the beauty of a radiant sunrise and sunset to the adrenalin rush from its various water sports, this popular weekend getaway for the locals of Suva offers a whole array of activities. Jump into the kayaks and white-water rafts for some scintillating river rafting down the Upper Navua Gorge and Wainikoroiluva, snorkel down the Beqa lagoon, or just laze away on the soft sands of the Pacific Harbour.

For divers Pacific Harbour is just close to the Beqa Lagoon, one of the world's great dive spots. There are also cultural tours that include a boat ride up the Navua river into the interior past villages, pristine tropical rainforests, deep gorges and cascading waterfalls. You will end up to a village where they will perform the traditional kava ceremony. There is something here for everyone at Pacific Harbour.

Places to visit
- (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through your hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details)

The Arts Village
• This is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the rich Fijian culture. Situated at Pacific Harbour a few kilometres away from Suva. You will witness the re-enactment of how our ancestors used to live and behave. One of the main attractions is a lake tour around an artificial village on a ‘Drua' (old-styled canoe) with a warrior as a skipper and guide. The village has a reconstructed temple, chief's bure, cooking area and building area with utensils and a weaving hut. Fijian warriors dressed in traditional costumes carry out a mock battle to re-enact the ancestry tribal war and cannibalism. You can also witness the Fijian Traditional Firewalking ceremony.

Rivers Fiji
• A popular adventure! If you're the adventurous type then this is the place to visit and experience. Whether you're experienced or a complete novice, they have a variety of adventures that accommodate a range of skills and interest levels. In fact, they offer something for everyone from 6 to 8-day all-inclusive, multi-activity family vacations and honeymoon packages from 1/2 to 2-day river rafting and sea kayaking trips.

From class I to class IV whitewater, aboard inflatable kayaks and whitewater rafts; explore some of Fiji's most spectacular terrain, floating in relative comfort along two of the country's premier liquid pathways, the Upper Navua Gorge and Wainikoroiluva. They also offer a number of other outdoor activities. Sea kayak amidst white sandy beaches and tranquil seas ... snorkel rainbow-coloured reefs, explore lush mangrove forest, hike scenic trains, or experience an all-inclusive adventure incorporating all of these activities, river rafting, and much more!

Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club
• The club has an 18 hole, par-72 championship golf course, considered as among one of the best in Fiji. Designed around lakes and canals, it has a club house and restaurant. Available here are the hire of clubs and carts and also golf lessons.

Diving in Beqa
- Surrounded by over 100 miles of spectacular coral Beqa Lagoon is one of the world's largest barrier reefs. Diving in Beqa offers a macro paradise and plenty of big fish as well popular diving sites such as 'The Best of the Bets' and 'Million Dollar Point' has soft corals that surround the sea mounds, providing a safety stop that you won't want to leave. The water is clear and warm, visibility is typically over 100 feet, currents are mild, and the water temperature stays a fairly constant.

Suva Top

Suva, the capital of Fiji, is the nerve centre of all its commercial, industrial and educational activities. This important harbour city built on a peninsula offers a blend of stately colonial structures and impressive modern buildings. Suva is picturesque, with swaying palm trees and vibrant gardens in full bloom, and there is a lot you can do here. Start with a walking tour of Thurston Gardens and marvel at the variety of flora and fauna. Then step into the Fiji Museum, also on the same grounds, and explore the finest collection of relics in the South Pacific. Stop by the Government House, the residence of the President, which stands next to Thurston Gardens. Don’t miss the markets on the waterfront, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Bargain well, and pick up a variety of things from fresh tropical food to Fijian handicrafts.

For church goers, Suva is surrounded by a few churches in the city of different denominations with lots more in the outskirts of Suva. It is well worth attending any churches on Sundays to hear some magnificent harmonious choral singing which is what the Fijians are renowned for.

Mamanuca Top

As you fly around Fiji, you can spot two distinct bunches of islands, called the Mamanuca-l-ra and Mamanuca-l-cake. Together they form Mamanuca. A popular tourist spot close to Viti Levu, these atolls are scattered with resorts that offer excellent tourist facilities that suit every budget. There are cozy ‘bures’, which are small rustic cabins, as well as luxury villas with modern facilities, all at affordable tariffs.

With its soft white sand, palm fringed shores and exotic marine life, Mamanuca, just a stone’s throw from Nadi’s International Airport, is an idyllic getaway. Mamanuca offers the experienced, adventurous diver and snorkeller some terrific shark diving expeditions, while for the more sedate of you who are new to diving, there are some easy dives with a visibility of more than 35 feet. You can enjoy the beauty of colourful coral reefs, and catch a glimpse of the tiny reef fish, large pelagic fish, manta rays and sharks and dolphins.

Places to see
: (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through your hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details).

Modriki Island
• This island is famous for the Tom Hanks movie 'Castaway' where it was shot. There are daily day cruises to this island which are popular famous with honeymooners.

Musket Cove Yacht Charters
• You can charter a yacht and sail around the beautiful Fiji Islands. This company only offers charters to couples and families wishing to go an extra mile.

• The islands are surrounded by great sea reef and a huge lagoon of thousands and thousands of reefs, bombies, islands and islets most of which have never seen a diver. The Mamanuca Group dives are tailored to meet the needs of every diver which includes shark dives for those craving extreme excitement. Novices have calm waters and coral reefs to explore. Visibility frequently exceeds 35 metres. As well as vibrant corals and colourful small reef fish, dolphins, sharks, manta rays, turtles and large pelagic fish are frequently encountered. Some of the famous dive sites are: Supermarket, Barrel Heads, Gotham City, Castaway Passage, The Big W's, Magic Island, Namotu Reef, B26 Bomber, Stonehenge, Tui's Reef, Jackies Reef.

Savusavu Top

Is the country's second largest island. It was at one time the centre of sandalwood trade but its primary economy is tourism and sugar with copra at close second. Savusavu is the main tourism centre in Vanua Levu.

Places to see
• (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through your hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details)

Justine Hunter Pearl Farm
• Visit Fiji's only local pearl farm in Savusavu Bay. There are daily tours to the pearl farm where you can witness the different stages from growing to manufacturing of pearls. Visitors can also buy pearls at first hand, which can be a lot cheaper here than the buying prices.

Nukubolu Archaeological Site
• On the banks of a creek, near hot springs in a fertile volcanic crater north of Savusavu are the remains of an extensive village known as Nukubolu. There are carefully constructed thermal pools, stone building foundations and terraces which are well preserved. The hot spring pools are widely used by the locals for curing of sicknesses and disease. A must visit place.

Waisali Nature Reserve
• Located near Savusavu, this contains some of the country's last pristine tropical forests and has a great waterfall pool for swimming.

Dive in Savusavu
• Savusavu, on Vanua Levu Island is accessible from both Nadi and Suva. It is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful reefs and its hot springs. Tucked away from the crowds, Savusavu is the marine aficionado’s delight. This is world class diving at its best! Here are some of the famous dive sites: Lighthouse, Alice in Wonderland, Shark Alley, Mystery Reef, Canyons, Nugget, Goldilocks, Jacksons, Fingers, Hole in the Wall, Big Blue, Nsonisoni Pass, Dakuniba Pass, Magic Mountain, Namena Island.

Taveuni Top

The island of Taveuni is 42km in length and about 10km wide, making it the third largest of the Fiji Islands. It is located about 140km north-east of Viti Levu and 9km from the south-east end of Vanua Levu.

Tavenui is also called the Garden Island thanks to its lush vegetation. Encircled by exquisite reefs that have been nurtured by the strong currents in the strait that lies between Tavenui and Vanua Levu, Tavenui is rated as one of the best diving sites in the world. If you are not a diver, then take a walk along the meandering paths that will take you inside the beautiful tropical forests, glorious waterfalls and pristine white beaches.

Places to visit • (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through your hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details)

Bouma Falls
• One of the most well known attractions in Taveuni. It takes an hour to drive from the Airport and then a ten minute walk to the first fall. If you're feeling vigorous, you can hike up to two more stages, but the general consensus is that the most spectacular views of the 600-foot falls are from the first level. You will surely get tempted to try out the cool pristine waters off the falls, take your swimmers!

International Date Line
• This line separates the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and it only crosses land in three places on earth (The others are in especially remote parts of Siberia). This line normally acts as the International Date Line as well. Neither the fact that the dateline officially zigzags around Fiji nor the fact that the millennium really started in 2001 stopped islanders from declaring themselves the first to greet the new millennium in the wee hours of January 1, 2000.

Catholic Mission At Wairiki Village
• Even if you're not a Catholic, you are sure to enjoy a visit to the Catholic mission at Wairiki village. You may be surprised to learn that the lovely church in Wairiki Village was built to commemorate a bloody (and in fact, cannibalistic) battle between Fiji and its former sworn enemy, Tonga. Today visitors are welcome at Sunday morning mass. American Catholics will recognise the rituals but nothing can prepare you for the gorgeous singing of the choir, which is worth listening to no matter what your religious convictions.

Lavena Coastal Walk
• A natural highlight of the islands is the Lavena Coastal Walk. This three-mile hike passes through the village of Lavena, and after a steep climb at the end, emerges the Wainibau Falls. The trail hugs the coast for a considerable distance, and you will pass several fine, secluded beaches. Feel free to go for a swim, just don't succumb to the urge to skinny-dip or sunbathe topless, both cultural no-nos in these parts.

Diving in Taveuni
• Taveuni offers breathtaking dives. This tropical paradise features Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall in the heart of Somosomo Strait. There is superb water clarity and a great variety of diving. Including walls plunging to unbelievable depths, vibrant soft corals, gorgonians, hard corals, reef fish and pelagic fish, profuse marine life and more.

Here are some the famous dive sites: Great White Wall, The Zoo, The Corner, Annie's Bommies, Mini White Wall, Fish Factory, The Ledge, Jerry's Jelly, Yellow Tunnel, White Wall, Blue Ribbon Eel Reef, Rainbow Passage 1, Rainbow Passage 2, Cabbage Patch, Chiefs Garden, The Caves, Playground, Coral Gardens, Barracuda Pinnacle, Fish Patch, Gorgonian Garden, Long Beach Pt, Purple Wall, The Fans, The Rock, Suthu.

• In the high mountains of Taveuni, known as Fiji's Garden Island, there is a beautiful lake of a considerable size. A flowering plant called ‘Tagimoucia' is found only on the shores of this lake. Any attempt to transplant the vine will fail as has been experienced in the past. The ‘Tagimoucia' is one of Fiji's most beautiful wild flowers, shaped in rich red tear drops with a white centre. There is a Fijian legend behind the ‘Tagimoucia' flower which you will be told during the tour.

Yasawa Group Top

The Yasawa group is a chain of 20 ancient volcanic islands extending almost in a straight line for 90km within the great sea reef. The southern islands begin 40km north-west of Viti Levu. Of the 17 islands in the group there are six main ones, four of which are large and elevated. The Yasawas are sparsely populated with only 5000 villagers. There are no banks or postal services.

Places to visit • (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through your hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details)

Diving at Yasawa • The Yasawa Islands boost wonderful diving offering walls lush with soft corals, gorgonian, feature stars and hard corals as well as profuse fish life including large fish and sharks. Some of the famous dive sites are The Zoo and Whiskey's Reef.

Lautoka Top

Some 30 minutes to the north of Nadi International Airport is Lautoka, the second largest city in Fiji. During the crushing season, this international seaport often has a strong smell of raw sugar coming from its mill and docks. Lautoka is the main departure point to the Yasawa group.

Places to visit
• (most of the attractions noted below can be booked through your hotel tour desk or pre-booked, please see our Fiji Tours Section for details)

Lomolomo Guns
• At the foot of Sabeto Mountains is an abandoned WWII battery built to protect Nadi Bay.

Viseisei Village
• This is one of the most respected villages in Fiji. It is said that this is where the first Fijians landed. The current serving President of Fiji hails from this Chiefly village. Regular tours to the village can be arranged from Tour Desks at the Hotels/Resorts. Modest dressing is necessary to visit this chiefly village. Located about 20 minutes by car from Nadi Airport

Garden of the Sleeping Giant
• Located 20 minutes from Nadi Airport. The garden was established by the American actor Raymond Burr. It features fantastic tropical gardens and orchids of different species and colours.

Ancient Vuda Village
• An amazing Fijian discovery of an ancient historical village believed to be our first forefathers who landed at Viseisei. This site boasts a ‘double storey' village where you enter only noticing the bottom part of the village. Walking around the site, you will see that the other half of the village is nicely tucked away behind the high rocks. It is believed that the upper part of the village was used when our ancestors felt that they were in danger.

You might be able to witness pieces of seashells and Lapita pottery in this ancient village. Tour begins from First Landing beach, following the tracks of our forefathers and to the ancient. This is one tour you will not want to miss.