Food & Cuisine in Fiji

Fiji offers a truly cosmopolitan culinary experience. There are restaurants that serve Continental, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian and Indian cuisines, at island resorts, luxury hotels, and day and night coffee shops. Traditional favourites like steak and seafood are also available and there are many restaurants serving an array of authentic Fiji food for the adventurous gourmet in you.

Multi-cuisine delights is what you can expect from the restaurants in Fiji. Come on then, try some delicious Fijian Kokoda or the nutritious Palusami!

So you've gone shopping in Fiji, and now it's probably time for you to recharge your energy. Take a break, our Fiji restaurant guide below will tell you all you need to know to find the best places for eating out in Fiji. Relax and experience the exotic food of Fiji.

Food & Cuisine in Fiji

Many hotels and resorts offer theme nights, and pool side and beach side barbeques. But what you should not miss is the traditional Fiji fare served by them to the beat of the meke, which is the traditional dance of Fiji.

Nadi - Places to Eat

Nadi has a wide variety of restaurants and eating places. Most restaurants serve a mixture of Fijian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes. Some hotels in Nadi offer five-star dining, like the Sheraton properties have many restaurants which you can choose from. The Chefs (offers international cuisine) and Daikoku (offers Japanese cuisine) restaurants located in Nadi town offer food and service at international standards.They are quite popular with locals and tourists alike.For cakes and pastries we have the Continental Cakes and Pizza Café for you. Chinese restaurants are also becoming very popular. You should try their seafood cooked in Cantonese style! Nadi is also renowned for best Indian curries and flavour. Visit the Saffron Tandoori restaurant or the Tanjore and Talanoa Pizza for that Indian hunger.If you feel like Italian then visit Mama’s Pizza Hut. Their wide range of Pizza menus will excite you. They might even let you choose the ingredients for your pizza. Also go for their delicious pasta. Most of the Indian and Chinese restaurants have mastered the art of cooking traditional Fijian food. You should try it.

Coral Coast • Places to Eat

Coral Coast is always very busy during the day time! Sigatoka, a famous ‘stop-over’ has a great number of fast food outlets, which is a hit for travellers between Nadi and Suva. You can find the fine dining restaurants in the hotels and resorts along the Coral Coast.

Suva City • Places to Eat

Suva city is always busy all throughout the day. You have lots of choices to choose from. This might be the only city where the cafés and restaurants open till very early hours of the morning. Some cafes even open for 24hours. There is a restaurant set aside in the market for local Fijian women selling traditional Fijian food. This is built to assist women to start off their food businesses. You will not be disappointed! Also in the Suva market you will come across many BBQ stands. This is probably the cheapest lunch or dinner in Suva. It will cost you three dollars (Fijian) a serve. The shopping malls in Suva have lots of good fast food outlets. They have wide range of restaurants to choose from. Try visiting the Down Town Boulevard shopping mall or the Harbour Centre shopping mall, you will be amazed on what they have to offer. Chinese restaurants are also becoming more popular with the numbers of restaurants keep increasing. Lots of locals go for this because of the rich flavours and are at affordable prices. Yes we also have it here, the world renowned Mac Donald’s and KFC.

Mamanuca • Places to Eat

Mamanucas, the isles of many tastes. These group of islands resorts offer a number of high quality restaurants for your enjoyment. We bring you to have a closer view of the restaurants of magnificent Mamanucas has to offer. These are just a few.

Savusavu • Places to Eat

The developing town of Savusavu has good quality restaurants on offer. They have a great burger and fries place called Oasis. Oasis also offers great pizza, Fijian dishes with great ocean views, and other restaurants that offer a lar carte, like the Bula Re Café. Also a few metres away from town is Savusavu Hot Springs Hotel that welcomes the public to use their dining facilities.

Taveuni • Places to Eat

Taveuni is a town that boasts of its seafood! Not many restaurants are available in Taveuni but the few they have present great food! The resorts also offer a wide selection of seafood and meat. Most of the seafood is bought from the local fisherman. We have included below some of the resorts recommended restaurants.

Lautoka • Places to Eat

Lautoka, the second largest city in Fiji has many affordable restaurants. There are restaurant in every corner of Lautoka city. There are a mix of Fijian, Chinese, European Restaurants. We have below some recommended restaurants in Lautoka. 

Yasawa • Places to Eat

One thing that Yasawa will never run short of is seafood! The locals from Yasawa always flood the Lautoka market with lots of seafood consisting of lobsters, fish, eatable seaweeds and many more. If you’re staying at one of the resorts in the Yasawas, you will not be disappointed with the rich seafood they have on offer.


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